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Terms and conditions

  1. Registration

1.1 Making an order does not require a registration
The customer can:
a) register as a customer to Tiimikavery Oy ‘s customer register by giving their name and other information
b) When registering the customer needs to give his/her permission for Tiimikaveri Oy to register his/her information to it’s customer register. All customer info is confidential. Tiimikaveri commits to not give away information to others
1.2. The customer should practice extra caution while using a webshop

  1. Order
    2.1. Communication between parties happens via e-mail. The customer commits to check his/her e-mail after ordering to receive the order confirmation.
    2.2. A binding agreement comes into effect when the shop sends the order confirmation via email
    2.3. The customer has a right to cancel the order before shipping via e-mail. Shipping has happened when the package has been given to the postal service.
    2.4. After the order Tiimikaveri Oy is not allowed to change the terms of the contract
    2.5. The company commits to not giving away information to others. Tiimikaveri Oy can use it’s customer register to it’s own marketing
  2. Prices
    3.1. All prices include tax (24%). The price in effect is shown on the webshop. The price in effect is shown in euro (EUR €).
  3. Sale coupons and sale codes
    4.1. Sale coupons and codes are in effect at the time of the order, and cannot be put into effect after the order
  4. Delivery
    5.1. If the product is in stock, the estimated delivery time is between 2-7 business days. Other products estimated delivery time is 7-12 business days.
    5.2. We declare on the products page if the delivery time is drastically different than the one stated at article 5.1.
    5.3. If the product is wanted before a specific date, that has to be stated at the time of the order. We will take into account the customers wish, if possible.
    5.4. If the customer buys products that have different delivery times, the package will usually be delivered with the longest delivery time.
    5.5. Products can be shipped to Finland as well as to Europe. Shipping is done usually with PostNord or finnish Posti
  5. Payment terms

6.1. Payment provider on the site is Paytrail. The payment methods offered are that of Paytrails. In matters of payment the customer can contact Paytrails customer service.

  1. Reclamation

7.1. If the customer has been provided with the wrong product or a damaged product, the customer should contact us in a reasonable time to the address of the order confirmation. We will answer the email to ensure we have received the email. A flawed delivery will be returned without payment. Returning the package happens after the reclamation. After getting the flawed product, Tiimikaveri Oy returns the payed price for the product.

  1. Force Majeure

8.1. Tiimikaveri Oy does not account for the delivery of the product being late, being more difficult or be prevented if it is due to a matter not within the realms of our influence. Those matters are for example war, export or import ban, officers decision, transportation difficulties or other such actions aggravating the difficulty of the delivery.

  1. The solving of arguments
    9.1. Arguments regarding this contract will be handled with finnish laws applied